Rodent Control:

Rats and mice are well known as carriers of parasites and diseases. The health risks they present to people are well documented. And let’s not forget that their habit of gnawing on electrical wiring presents a very real fire hazard.

Our highly trained technicians will not only take the necessary measures to get rid of the rodents which have invaded your home or business but, prior to beginning the work, will inspect the premises and identify the areas where rats and mice are gaining access as well as any conducive conditions.

Pest Control Center offers three Rodent Control Options:

  1. Limited Four-Week Trapping Service
Four service visits timed at approximately weekly intervals

  • Inspection of the structure for rodent entry points, conducive conditions, activity levels and locations with a written report to the owner.
  • Setting of appropriate trapping devices in strategic areas for maximum results, followed by servicing of traps during the next three visits. Servicing of traps includes removing dead rodents, replacing the bait and resetting the traps. It may also include moving the traps around for better results.
  1. Monthly or Bi-monthly Baiting Service
Designed to remove rodents from a structure and reduce the chances of further invasion. The program is designed for structures in areas of evident outdoor rodent populations. It includes the first month of trapping outlined above, followed by installation of tamper-resistant rodent bait stations outside the structure. These stations will be maintained on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The maintenance includes cleaning the stations and ensuring they are still anchored in position that they are in good condition and are stocked with fresh bait. This service can, at the customer’s request, be combined with regular pest service at a small additional cost.
  1. Exclusion
Rodent Exclusion involves sealing potential rodent access points to prevent further infestation, if possible. Each exclusion job is unique and will require a customized quote.

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