Weed and Vegetation Management:

Pest Control Center, Inc. is a respected leader in weed control methods for your home and business. Imagine the beauty of a weed free landscape setting or the increased fire safety for your home with a bare ground fire protection break.

Our weed and erosion control experts will evaluate and recommend the perfect weed prevention program for your home or business site. We have extensive experience in pasture and rangeland noxious weed control including star thistle, blackberry and poison oak control strategies.

Shrub Beds: 2 Treatments Per Year, Pre and Post-Emergent

  • Maintaining a Weed Free Condition
  • Does not affect established Ornamentals

Vegetation Control: 2 Treatments Per Year

  • Culverts
  • Fencelines
  • Fire Breaks
  • Roadside and Right-of-Way
  • Tank Farms
  • Other areas Required to be Vegetation Free

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