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About Us Flashback:Pest Control Center, Inc. We have a license to kill.

About Pest Control CenterSurprised? You should be. Pest Control Center, Inc. isn’t what you’d expect. We aren’t into high pressure sales. We’re interested in protecting your family from pests, not simply taking your money for something you may not need. That’s the primary reason we offer our free 5-Point Pest Vulnerability Check. We know that, by engaging you in real conversation about real problems and educating you about what you truly need, we’ll gain your trust. If we do that successfully we know you’ll call us when you need a pest control service.

Pest Control Center, Inc. has been in business serving the Sacramento Valley, and surrounding area, for 30 years. We’ve built our business and superior reputation by understanding and meeting the actual pest control needs of Northern California residents; ridding their homes, businesses and landscapes of pests and keeping them pest-free. We do this consistently and on a daily basis. Every customer is important to us, regardless of size. Our friendly, professional staff takes care of our customers in a timely manner and with the utmost courtesy and care.

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Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care: Tree and Shrub care, Pest Control Center

Tree and shrub care, pest control center Our Landscape Pest & Disease Prevention Program produces vigorous, healthy plants by preventing problems before they start. Our expert horticulturists will provide various options that will improve your landscape and prevent declining health conditions. Your landscape is an investment. We are here to protect it! We embrace environmentally friendly landscape stewardship, incorporating our new “sprayless tree injection service” and Integrated Pest Management techniques to produce “clean and green” results for you.

  • Sprayless Merit® injection to root zones to control sucking insects on ornamentals, season-long
  • Spraying for sucking, chewing and rasping insects
  • Balanced Fertilization
  • Fungus Disease Control

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